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Known as the spiritual heart of Europe, Portugal is not short of historical ecclesiastical structures that stand preserved to this day. This includes verdant vineyards, windswept beaches and picturesque rivers that are joy to visit by nature lovers and casual vacationers alike. The memories Portugal offers will remain a joy forever for anyone who explores its many attractions.

Portugal is situated on the western side of mainland Europe and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the West and South and has its Spanish neighbors to the East and North. If you’ve been all around Europe and never had the chance to visit Portugal, you are missing out on a lot. The country has such beautiful sights and a rich history and culture that anyone who visits it can find many things to do in Portugal. The climate of the country is ideal for anyone who likes to vacation in sunny spots.

Portugal is said to get the longest hours of sun in Europe and due to its being situated in the west, the sun really does set on the coasts of Portugal. If you love sunsets, be sure to see it go down on a beach in Portugal. If you love a festive atmosphere, you can find so many things to do in Portugal. In June, the locals get together at their traditional spots in the neighborhood and celebrate with music, feasts and dance parties to commemorate and honor the saints of Portugal.

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