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Giza is a great historical site in Egypt. You may have viewed photographs of the Pyramids of Giza a number of times, but nothing comes close to getting up close and personal with the ancient structures. The area contains a large number of pyramids, tombs, and other monuments that tell stories about the rich historical legacy of the country. No trip to Egypt can be complete without a visit to Giza.

There are tons of things to do in Giza, even though many believe that the place is only good for its Pyramids. That is true; visiting the place gets you a chance of getting close and personal with the ancient monuments that are Egypt’s most prized possessions, guarded by the majestic Sphinx. These structures never fail to wow spectators.

All the things to do in Giza that you may come across work their magic till you promise to visit the place again. One of the things to do in Giza and probably the very first place any explorer visits here is the Great Pyramid of Giza, or Cheops. This particular pyramid is the most famous structure around. It was constructed around the time of King Khufu. Ancient Egyptians called it Ekhet Khufu. Herodotus describes the structure to have taken 100,000 men in order to complete its construction.

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