What Everybody Ought To Know About Careless Driving Offenses In Toronto And Greater Toronto Area

Traffic tickets in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area are issued for various traffic violations.  There are POA charges for speeding, parking and stunt driving. The traffic tickets issued for failing to stop at a stop sign is a part 1 offenses, traffic tickets issued for parking offences are called part 2 offenses and lastly, the traffic tickets issued for stunt driving are part 3 offenses.  The part 3 offenses are most serious offenses which comes with heavy fines, suspension and, sometimes, jail term.

Careless driving offenses can be part 1 offenses or part three offenses. As such, part one offence begins with certificate of offense, but the part three offense begins with Summons Notice.

Every person is guilty of an offence of driving carelessly who drives a vehicle or street car on a highway without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the highway and on conviction is liable to a careless driving ticket cost or careless driving fine is not less than $400 and not more than $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term of not more than six months, or to both, and in addition his or her license or permit may be suspended for a period of not more than two years.

The careless driving charge cane be a part one offence, where the police officer serves the accused with Certificate of  offense or Part Three offence where the police officer serves with a Summons to Appear. The careless driving charge not only comes with careless driving fines and careless driving points, they are also very high, six demerit points. In addition, it also affects the driving record and insurance premium by a huge margin.

Those who are charged with careless driving offence would have to prove that they did drive with due care and attention and they did not act without reasonable consideration to other persons using the highway.

Fighting a careless driving ticket and establishing above two elements are important.  In addition, momentary inattention or an error in judgment do not constitute careless driving. The defendant or the accused could use these defenses in the trial.  Apart from this, there is a charge for dangerous driving which is not High Way Traffic Act charge and the dangerous driving charge is a criminal charge.

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